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New Year, New You
Challenge 2023

How many times have you told yourself that THIS will be the year? This will be the year you finally fulfill your potential. Live your best life. Implement better habits, think better, hit the gym? This year will finally—finally—be the year you get yourself together?

Every one of us wants to improve, wants to be better. We all want to have better habits. Many of us even know what to do. Yet we can’t seem to actually do it. Time passes, the plans don’t come to pass, and then, as the Talking Heads famously sang, there we are, same as it ever was.

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Daily Stoic New Year, New You Challenge 2023

"How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?"
— Epictetus

That is what the great Stoic, Epictetus, asks of us. It was a question he posed during difficult times, times like our own, to people like you who deserved better than their current circumstances offered.
Daily Stoic New Year, New You Challenge 2023

You’re no different. You deserve better. Especially this year. You certainly know that you’re capable of more—of better—than this year has made possible. You might even have plans to do and be and make more...but you haven’t actually done it yet.

Well how about right now? Right now is as good a time as any. Because whatever you are planning is possible. This year. Stop putting it off until tomorrow, until Monday, until 2025, waiting for it to just happen. Because it won’t. Someone has to make it happen. Someone has to take control.

That someone is you.We created the New Year, New You Challenge for that person and for that reason—to help create a better life, and a new you in 2023.

The Daily Stoic New Year, New You Challenge is a set of 21 actionable challenges—presented one per day—built around the best, most timeless wisdom in Stoic philosophy. Our goal is to help you make 2023 your best year yet.

This year’s challenge is all-new content, guided by thousands of responses and reactions to our previous challenges, courses, videos, and emails. It’s a whole new internal adventure based on painstaking research and timeless principles and the most current science, for an all-new, life changing experience.

Every year—this year right in front of you—can be the most important year of your life. The one where you become your best, most creative, most centered, most self-reliant and resilient self.

Daily Stoic New Year, New You Challenge 2023
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New Year, New You 5th Year Anniversary

21 Custom Challenges Delivered Daily (Over 30,000 words of all-new original content)

Recorded Zoom Calls with Bestselling Author Ryan Holiday from Session 01

Printable 21-Day Calendar With custom daily illustrations to track progress (digital calendar sent via email)

Group Discord Channel For Accountability and Community

Some people are going to hire a personal trainer or a life coach in January as their way of confronting the turning of the last page on the 2022 calendar. You have the chance to get step-by-step instruction and encouragement from Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, and Epictetus to become the new you, for the new year in a new decade, that could very well produce a whole new world.


✓ Stop procrastinating on your dreams
✓ Make amends
✓ Rid yourself of negative thought patterns
✓ Let go of anger
✓ Form good habits
✓ Quit harmful vices
✓ Be of service

And much much more...
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What is one new positive way of thinking worth? What would you give to add a new positive way of acting into your daily routine? What would it mean to you to wake up in a better mood? And how great would it be to become a part of a community—part of a tribe—filled with people just like you, struggling and growing and making that satisfying progress towards the kind of personal reinvention that produces the kind of human beings they never knew they could one day be?

Well, here’s your chance.

What are the risks or the downsides of NOT taking control of your life? Of allowing another year to pass not living up to your potential? Of not preparing yourself to be the master of your existence? Most of the risks aren’t dire, but none of the downsides are good. Some are just downright miserable. Don’t let that happen in 2023. Again.
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What others are saying about New Year New You

"@RyanHoliday thank you for everything. This has been a great and humbling experience. Look forward to more in the future."

Corey Winters

Former Participant

"As others have said, the daily progression of the challenges has been very thoughtfully organized - kudos @RyanHoliday and team!"

Jessica Johnson

Former Participant

"Honestly, I have felt amazing results in just 1 week."

Debra Cullen

Former Participant

"Awesome challenge. I have a big list of things that I’ll always do “next weekend”! 🤦"

Archie McMullen

Former Participant

"I got so much out of the Daily Stoic New Year New You Challenge, that I joined Daily Stoic Life this morning. I found the direction, information, and challenges to be super helpful and keeping on track with the life I want to lead. #DailyStoicLife it was an investment in myself. I’m looking forward to a year with my Stoic tribe."


Former Participant

"The feeling was amazing. I couldn’t help buy smile as I watch all of those moments of frustration and anger just disappear in ash. I am very happy that I took on this challenge."

Ryan King

Former Participant

"I was really nervous about taking on the New Year New You challenge, but immediately felt a shift in mindset upon starting. This challenge changed my life and I will 100% be taking it on again next year!!"

Jake Bomgaars

Former Participant

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21 Custom Challenges Delivered Daily (Over 30,000 words of all-new original content)

Recorded Zoom Calls with Bestselling Author Ryan Holiday from Session 01.

Printable 21-Day Calendar With custom daily illustrations to track progress (digital calendar sent via email)

Group Discord Channel For Accountability and Community

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